Rigging the location
Putting everything in the right place

The location is rigged over a few hectic hours. Each team – cameras, lighting, vision, sound and video tape engineers work together to ensure that the technology they are responsible for is installed in the correct location and is in working order.

Because they are taking part in a reenactment using old equipment which has not been used for some years, they face an extra challenge. There are more serious and more frequent equipment failures than would be expected on a real outside broadcast assignment, and repairing or replacing equipment is far more difficult.

The Baron Box

“It’s called the Baron Box because there was a chap called Mr Baron, believe it or not, and he invented it.”

Monitoring the cameras

“Whilst the cameras may be working, we’re not able to make a proper assessment of their pictures”

Testing the vision mixer

“Can I touch it?” Director Geoff Wilson takes his seat in North 3 to begin testing the vision mixer. While many functions are working correctly, some are not, and he must prepare to work around the restored system’s limitations.

Replacement viewfinders

A camera viewfinder which was initially working correctly has now failed after sitting under the warm studio lights.

Connecting the commentary booth

With communications between the set and the truck now robust, sound engineers test the audio and visual links between the commentator, John Gwynne, and the director Geoff Wilson.