The following articles have been published based on research carried out by the ADAPT team:

Murphy, Amanda. “ADAPT TV: recreating a 1970s OB”. Zerb – the journal of the GTC, Autumn (2016). Link.

Murphy, Amanda. “Veteran BBC crew crank up a 1960s OB truck to create a piece of TV history”. Prospero – the newspaper for BBC pensioners, August (2016), pg 6. Link.

Ellis, John. “Between Human and Machine: The Operating System”. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology 2.1 (2015): S24-S28. DOI: 10.1558/jca.v2i1.28283

Murphy, Amanda, Rowan Aust, Vanessa Jackson, John Ellis. “16mm Film Editing: Using filmed simulation as a hands-on approach to TV history”. VIEW: Journal of European Television History and Culture. 4.7 (2015). Link.

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