How to use this website

We filmed hundreds of hours of footage during our reenactment experiments. We edited these rushes into many series of videos which offer an insight into each stage of the historical television production process.

All of the project’s videos are hosted on our Figshare repository, and many videos embedded in the pages of this website.

Videos of our 16mm television film reenactments, for example, follow the production process from shooting, through film processing, editing, and finally telecine. You can use the menus at the top of the page to explore various aspects of the television production process.

This site has just a few videos embedded in it. For our full collection of videos, please visit Europeana or the project’s long-term data repository on the Figshare website. There you will find three versions of almost everything:  short (i.e. bitesize); medium (i.e. highlights); long (i.e. real time).

A full catalogue of our video collections can be downloaded here. 

All videos are downloadable for you to use as you wish. Downloads can take time depending on network speeds.

You can also find similar videos in our curated collection of playlists on our YouTube channel.

Stories offer an in-depth, interactive way to explore the history of television production technology

This website also offers a Timeline which enables you to explore the chronological development of some of the key production technologies highlighted by this project.

Finally, we have produced a series of ‘Stories‘ – in-depth, interactive accounts of television history and production culture.