A 16mm Film Crew Prepares… Commentary on the complex process of getting a simple interview

The cameraman and the sound recordist together immediately turn to the sound problem. The assistant takes the magazine off the camera so that it can run without exposing any expensive film. The camera assistant turns the switch on the Nagra from start to test which is not quite as he had explained a couple of minutes earlier. There is a sync pulse and the sound recordist remarks “embarrassing help from the camera department”, adding “it is his equipment” by way of explanation. The cameraman then checks with everyone that they are ready, before telling the director that he can bring in the ‘victim’ as the director now refers to the interviewee. He shows in the ‘professor’ and once again asks for the presence of the simulation PA to stand in for the missing PA.

24 minutes have elapsed since the crew first arrived on the set.

(The extracts in this analysis were set up using the app http://www.youtubestartend.com/insex.php#link)

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