Project Team

Project Team

John Ellis, professor of media arts at Royal Holloway, University of London, was ADAPT’s principal investigator. He devised and managed the project and recruited research collaborators.

Amanda Murphy was the project’s digital producer. With a wealth of experience from a career as a senior documentary television producer, she oversaw the planning, shooting, and editing of the reenactment experiments. Dominic Clarke, working alongside Amanda, edited the majority of the videos on this website.

Nick Hall was the project’s postdoctoral research officer. He supported the team’s research, co-organised the related Hands On History conference, and built this website.

James Bennett, professor of television and digital culture at Royal Holloway, University of London, led the project’s research into the use of social media in contemporary television production. He was assisted in this by postdoctoral research officer Niki Strange.

Stephanie Janes was the project’s research assistant. She provided administrative support during the re-enactments and project conference, and editorial assistance in the production of the Hands on History edited collection.

The project also funded and supported two doctoral students. Rowan Aust researched her PhD in the history of television film and video editing. Tim Heath researched his PhD in the changing roles of, and technologies used by, television sound engineers.

ADAPT benefited from further assistance of students and staff in the Department of Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London. We are particularly grateful to the department’s art and design technicians Helen Adams and Sarah Peacock, and to the many students who worked as camera operators, sound recordists, data wranglers and runners during the project’s reenactment filming days.