Crew Profiles

Crew Profiles
Outside Broadcast

Bill Baldock

Vision engineer who joined the BBC in the early days of colour outside broadcasts.

John Coupe

Vision engineer who left the Post Office for a career on the road with television outside broadcasts.

Peter Foster

Vision engineer who worked on Top of the Pops, The Good Old Days, and the first-ever televised night-time rugby match.

Steve Harris

Lighting director who became a museum curator and restorer of antique broadcasting equipment.

Roger Neal

Vision supervisor who was involved in testing new cameras and equipment during before the launch of colour outside broadcasts.

Rex Palmer

Outside broadcast camera operator whose career began with Doctor Who.

Bob Parry

Cable rigger and vehicle driver whose favourite assignment was Formula 1 racing at Silverstone.

Brian Summers

Vision control engineer who carried out vital installation, repair, and maintenance of outside broadcast television equipment.

Robin Sutherland

Camera supervisor whose career took him from Jackanory to the peak of Ben Nevis.

Dave Taylor

Camera operator who worked on over thirty Grand National events

Doug Whittaker

Outside broadcast sound supervisor with a wide range of experience from sports coverage to astronomy shows.

Jane Whitmore

Producer’s assistant, and later production manager, whose organisational skills and training were the backbone of countless outside broadcasts.

Geoff Wilson

Prolific outside broadcast producer who migrated from radio to television before becoming one of the most experienced hands in the industry.